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What Is a Celebration of Life and How to Plan One?

A Celebration of Life is a very personal way of saying “goodbye”. It puts emphasis on life rather than death. It centres around acknowledging the deceased one’s legacy and remembering the love and joy they brought to their family’s and friends’ lives. Even though 54% of Brits say they would opt for one (according to […]

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What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is a very simple, dignified way of holding a funeral. The main difference between a direct cremation and any other type of cremation funeral is that there’s no prior ceremony or service for your family to attend.  Your body will be cremated in a simple coffin with a nameplate shortly after passing. […]

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Planning a Wake

If you are thinking about planning a wake, here are some of the things you might wish to consider: A wake is simply a gathering of people to mourn the passing of a loved one, either before or after the funeral.  It is generally assumed that the word ‘wake’ comes from the days when individuals […]

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Open casket

Ever thought about opting for an open casket at your funeral or experienced viewing one yourself?  It’s a popular choice in the USA, where viewings or wakes that take place a few days before a service are a standard part of funeral rites, but it’s not a very common sight in the UK and the […]

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Graves of the rich and famous

Whilst most graves are just visited by family and friends, many last resting places of the famous rack up thousands of visits in any one year.  Visiting famous graves is now big business with many people finding it a great way to learn about history or pay respects to an idol.  There is even a […]

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Funerals in films

Latest research shows that more of us are willing to talk about death and specifically the type of funeral we’d like to have.  If you’re looking to challenge funeral norms, there’s no better place to find inspiration from than modern culture and how funerals in films are depicted. Here’s our top pics of funeral scenes […]