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12 Weird, Wonderful and Unique Funeral Requests and Last Wishes

Father Christmas attending a funeral, Drag Queens lightening the mood with a cabaret show, dress-codes ranging from colourful hats to wellies, from clown and Gladiator costumes to beach attire, pagan rituals instead of a traditional service or scattering the cremation ashes with fireworks – funerals are becoming more personal and celebratory. The SunLife Cost of […]

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Understanding Buddhist Funerals: Traditions & Etiquette

Buddhism is practiced by over 500 million people worldwide (~ 240.000 Brits identify as Buddhists) and therefore considered one of the world’s main religions. However, many consider it more of a philosophy or spiritual practice as contrary to other religions there’s no deities or creator God that’s being worshipped.  Buddhism originated in India roughly 2500 […]

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Using AI To Keep Loved Ones Alive

Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) make dealing with grief easier for us? Let’s ask a less abstract question: Have you ever lost someone and thought “I’d do anything to just have a few more hours with them, see them one more time, have one final conversation…”? Confronted with death, most of us struggle to come to […]

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The Power of Mourning Rituals and How They Can Help us Cope With Grief

One could argue that we, as human race, should have learned a thing or two about grieving and mourning over the thousands of years we’ve inhabited this planet. There is no life without death. It’s a simple truth and we do know it – yet, we have somehow become strangely estranged from death and dying. […]

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Understanding the Grieving Process: How to cope with the death of a loved one

Grief is a multifaceted and complex response to loss. It is universal. Our experience of grief, however, is utterly unique. There is no “right” way to grieve, therefore there’s also no “wrong” way to do it either. It usually takes more time and work, though, than people expect or anticipate. This blog post will explain […]

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Jewish Funerals: Traditions & Etiquette – A Guide to Understanding Jewish Funerals

Jewish funerals are rich in rituals, customs and traditions. There are three main churches within Judaism: orthodox, conservative and reform. Depending on the beliefs of the family of the person who died and how they live their faith the funeral laws they abide by and how they mourn will differ.  If you – as a […]