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A Breakdown of Funeral Costs

Like everything else in life, death has a price tag – and the amount on it has never been higher than today. Costs associated with death depend on where you happen to live but also on what choices you make regarding what type of funeral you want, the coffin, how elaborate the service should be […]

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What to do with a Loved One’s Social Media Account After Death?

It has become a trend to invite the wider family, friends and acquaintances to the funeral service via social media, most often Facebook, instead of paying for a newspaper notice. It might be a couple of weeks or even a few months after your loved one’s death, though, before you start thinking about what should […]

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headstone for a Grave

Wedding bands, a family home, a tattoo – if that’s your thing – and a headstone that will mark the grave of someone you loved: Those four investments are among the most meaningful and long-lasting ones we will ever make in life. And rarely will we be as aware of buying something that is meant […]

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Traditional Funeral Etiquette

Funerals can bring up many difficult emotions. Immediate family and friends of the person who died may struggle to cope and just try to somehow get through the day. The last thing anyone wants is to upset or offend the bereaved or any of the guests at a funeral. This guide to traditional funeral etiquette […]

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5 Coping Strategies that Help you get through a Funeral

Maybe we got it the wrong way round. Many of us feel the need to find ways to cope, so we can “get through” or “make it through a funeral” – while maintaining as much of our composure as we can. What if we took a different approach? A funeral is a ritual that allows […]

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Taking your child to a funeral

Should children go to funerals? Is there a minimum age from which it is appropriate for kids to attend a funeral? Is the funeral of grandpa or grandma or another loved one going to overwhelm my child? Is it appropriate for my baby/toddler/pre-schooler to attend a funeral? What is going to help my child more: […]