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Funeral museums around the world

Recent research by Safe Hands shows that the taboo around discussing death may be lifting, with 30% of us prepared to think more about our own death and funeral planning.  What better way to do this than with a trip to a museum?  With many established museums around the world specialising in the history of […]

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Lockdown funeral: what you need to know

A lockdown funeral is becoming in the norm for those wanting to say goodbye during the current pandemic. Organising a funeral for loved ones can be a daunting process at the best of times and recent restrictions due to government attempts to contain COVID-19 have made this even harder, not only for individuals involved, but […]

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Writing a book of your life

Many of us have pondered the idea of publishing a book, but have you ever considered writing your own autobiography?  It’s a trend that it growing alongside the availability of self-publishing tools and services.  Producing a book of your life can be a therapeutic process and the end result can be a valued gift for […]

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A memorial plaque to remember loved ones

A memorial plaque is a popular way of creating a lasting mark of a loved one. A very British place to put a plaque is on a garden or park bench – click here for our article on how to create one.  However, if you’re looking for something slightly different, there are many other places […]

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Creating a memorial bench for a loved one

Most of us will have had the experience, whilst on a walk or trip to a park, of sitting on a bench that has a plaque commemorating dearly departed.  As a garden and green-space-loving nation, it is a particularly British way of marking the loss of someone close.  Sitting on a memorial bench with a […]

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What to do with the cremation ashes

For many of us, the ashes remaining from a cremation are a precious reminder of a departed loved one.  Some people like to keep them in an urn on the mantelpiece of hidden away with other treasures. But there is an increasing demand for more creative ways to retain those memories. In this article, Safe […]