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Open casket

Ever thought about opting for an open casket at your funeral or experienced viewing one yourself?  It’s a popular choice in the USA, where viewings or wakes that take place a few days before a service are a standard part of funeral rites, but it’s not a very common sight in the UK and the […]

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Graves of the rich and famous

Whilst most graves are just visited by family and friends, many last resting places of the famous rack up thousands of visits in any one year.  Visiting famous graves is now big business with many people finding it a great way to learn about history or pay respects to an idol.  There is even a […]

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Funerals in films

Latest research shows that more of us are willing to talk about death and specifically the type of funeral we’d like to have.  If you’re looking to challenge funeral norms, there’s no better place to find inspiration from than modern culture and how funerals in films are depicted. Here’s our top pics of funeral scenes […]

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the impact of COVID 19 (Coronavirus) and the increase in cases across the UK, it’s important to update you on the steps that we are taking to keep Safe Hands operating safely.  Our Offices remain open and our team are available to help with all enquiries. Whilst the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) […]

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Buried alive

The concept of death can be difficult and often terrifying  to contemplate, but for some the thought of being buried alive is more unnerving and it can become a pathological phobia – or taphophobia, to use the technical term, from the Greek taphos meaning grave or tomb.  Prior to modern day medical practices, this fear […]

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Alternative Hearse

Choosing an alternative hearse in which to make your last journey can be a great way to personalise your funeral plans.  Many famous people have been transported to their final resting place in less than conventional vehicles – Martin Luther King travelled in a white Cadillac, Princess Diana’s coffin was carried by a gun carriage […]