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Understanding the Grieving Process: How to cope with the death of a loved one

Grief is a multifaceted and complex response to loss. It is universal. Our experience of grief, however, is utterly unique. There is no “right” way to grieve, therefore there’s also no “wrong” way to do it either. It usually takes more time and work, though, than people expect or anticipate. This blog post will explain […]

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Jewish Funerals: Traditions & Etiquette – A Guide to Understanding Jewish Funerals

Jewish funerals are rich in rituals, customs and traditions. There are three main churches within Judaism: orthodox, conservative and reform. Depending on the beliefs of the family of the person who died and how they live their faith the funeral laws they abide by and how they mourn will differ.  If you – as a […]

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How to Write a Great Obituary – with Examples

An obituary ideally evokes the feeling of a whole life, even though in its essence it is a notice of death. How to capture the uniqueness of a person, how they impacted those around them and their achievements in just a few hundred lines, though? And of course, it should also contain key information like […]

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Comparing Prepaid Funeral Plans & Funeral Insurance

Prepaid funeral plan vs funeral insurance – which one is better for me? What option is safer? And do I really need one? In 2020, the average cost of a funeral was £4,184 in the UK – and that didn’t include professional fees or send-off costs. Altogether, you’re looking at roughly £9,263 in funeral expenses, […]

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Dedicating a Funeral Tribute Video to Your Loved One

Creating a funeral video is a wonderful and very special way to pay tribute to a loved one who died. It allows you to show the attending family members, friends and acquaintances different facets of their life and can help with the grieving process. In this guide on how to make a funeral tribute video, […]

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Safe Hands Funeral Plans New Charity Partnership With Macmillan Cancer Support

Safe Hands Funeral Plans is pleased to announce a new partnership with leading UK cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support, which aims to raise crucial funds to ensure the charity can continue to provide vital care and do whatever it takes to support people living with cancer.  The new partnership, which will be in place for […]