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What are Funeral Celebrants?

A funeral is an event at which you remember and celebrate the life of someone you knew. Not every funeral needs to be religious, even if you’ve had strong feelings about faith. It’s up to you and your family to choose the type of funeral that feels appropriate. For many people, using a celebrant is […]

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A Guide to Dealing with Will Executors and Administrators

Are you worried about being named as an executor in someone’s will? Have you been named an executor, or are you unsure what an administrator or executor would need to do? In fact, what is the difference is between an administrator and an executor? This quick guide to administrators and executors will help you. Who […]

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Safe Hands Funeral Plan’s TV Debut

One of the UK’s first post-lockdown TV commercials airs this week when funeral planning company Safe Hands makes its TV debut. The commercial features actress Suzanne Sinclair of Holby City and Casualty fame with voice over from Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol who plays the cook Beryl Patmore. The 60 and 30 second slots were […]

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Green Funerals

How green could your funeral be? It’s odd to think about our effect on the planet after we die but, if you’re eco-conscious now, then it might be something you’d like to think about – how green could your funeral be? A woodland burial may seem like the natural first choice, but there are other […]

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The World’s First Motorcycle Hearse

In 2001 motorcycling vicar The Rev Paul Sinclair had a dream. He would bring together the two great passions in his life to create the UK’s first motorcycle hearse service to give fellow bikers the send-off they deserved. Rev Sinclair, who sadly passed away in 2019, started Motorcycle Funerals from his home in Leicestershire and […]

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Burial at Sea

Can I be buried at sea? Yes. It’s not very common, and there’s a little bit of organisation and paperwork involved, but there’s no reason why you can’t have a burial at sea. It’s true, there are some costs that you or your family will have to bear in mind when you’re planning the funeral […]