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Funeral Directors

If you're a funeral director, no doubt you'll already be selling funeral plans on behalf of one of the various UK providers. If so, chances are you'll be paying administration fees somewhere in the region of £100 to £199.

Did you know, if you switched providers to Safe Hands, the maximum administration fee you would EVER pay, would be just £75! That means that when one of your plan holders passes away, you would receive (as a guranteed minimum) the full value of the plan as paid by the plan holder, plus RPI uplift as applicable at the point of death, minus £75!

Should you choose to sell Safe Hands Funeral Plans, there are two variations that you might like to consider:

  • Safe Hands 'fixed price' funeral plans: our fixed price plans start at £1695 for a 'Direct Cremation' package, rising to £3700 for our 'Ruby' package.
  • Safe Hands 'Funeral Directors Choice': you are also welcome to set your own funeral plan prices by offering our 'Funeral Director's Choice' variation. In terms of the mechanics of how Funeral Directors Choice, it's no different to, say, Golden Charter's 'Independent Way'. Where Funeral Director's Choice differs - or rather, where it puts you at an advantage - when the plan holder dies, you will receive, as an absolute mininum, the full value of the plan (plus RPI uplift as applicable at the time) minus a small admin fee of just £75!

Whatever option you choose to offer, when your plan holders pass away, we guarantee that the monies will be transferred to your bank, in full, within 24 hours of the death certificate being issued.

If you are a funeral director and would like to sell Safe Hands Funeral Plans, or if you would like to learn more, then please complete the form below.

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