Funeral Directors

Here at Safe Hands Funeral Plans we recognise that many funeral directors consider the standard ranges of plan options (for example - 'Bronze'/'Silver'/'Gold') offered by funeral planning companies to be too generic and restrictive, sometimes, in terms of their specifications - and that they, therefore, do not always meet the needs of customers whose requirements may not conform with the 'norms'.

In response to, and in recognition of, the fact that many funeral directors would appreciate having the ability to set their own prices for the funeral plans that they sell to customers whose business they generate themselves, we have created a completely bespoke plan option - available for sale by, and purchase from, yourself, the funeral director ONLY...

Called 'Funeral Director Choice' (FDC) it allows you, to sell what is, essentially, a Safe Hands Funeral Plan (but a bespoke one), direct to your own customers - and to have complete freedom to charge your customers in accordance with your own pricing schedule. Furthermore, we only charge you an admin fee of just £125, for each FDC plan.

If you are a funeral director and would like to offer Funeral Director Choice to your clients and secure future business for yourself, then please complete the form or call 0800 917 7099'

Funeral Director Choice Form: