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Can I personalise my plan?

It’s easy to add personal choices to any Safe Hands plan. A wicker coffin, for example, or floral tributes for the coffin.

We'll make sure your family knows what you've asked for, and we’ll pay that money out as an allowance towards those specific costs at the time of need.

We take CPI into consideration, but if those costs are more than the allowance, then the difference will have to be settled before the personal choices can be provided.

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How will my family know about my funeral plan?

It's a good idea to talk to your family about your funeral wishes. You can leave instructions in your Will, but we’ll provide information that makes it easy to talk about your Safe Hands plan.

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Can I change my mind, after I've bought a plan?

Yes. You can cancel a plan free of charge within 30 days and we’ll refund everything you've paid to date. After that time, we apply an administration charge of £295 (which we can deduct from any monies paid in to date).

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What is a funeral plan?

A pre-paid funeral plan is a way to pay in advance for the basic services involved in having a funeral. It gives you peace of mind, knowing the costs of the funeral and your personal wishes are guaranteed.

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Who looks after the money in my Safe Hands plan?

Your money goes into trust. This trust is managed by Sterling Trust Corporation Limited who work with independent fund managers. The funds are held on trust until they are needed.

What does a Safe Hands funeral plan include?

All of our plans cover every penny of the Funeral Director's Fees. Our Pearl and Sapphire plans provide £1,200 towards third party costs. That specific allowance increases annually in line with CPI.

Our Ruby plan includes a guarantee to cover the listed third-party costs.

  • The cremation or interment fee
  • The Doctor’s fee for arranging the first death certificate
  • The Minister or Celebrant’s fee for holding a service at the crematorium or graveside.

Our Topaz plan doesn't include an allowance – it's a simple plan, designed to give your family peace of mind and cover the costs of a Funeral Director.

Our Direct Cremation Plan is different. There's no service involved in Direct Cremation (although there is a Doctor’s fee and a cremation fee). This plan covers the actual cremation.

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What does the 'Handling Charge' pay for?

When you spread the cost of a Safe Hands Funeral Plan over a term greater than 12 months an Additional Charge is required because the Trust does not have all the money to invest at the time of the plans inception.

What are third party costs or 'disbursements'?

Third party costs are the fees charged by other service providers:

  • The cremation or interment fee
  • The Doctor's fee for arranging the first death certificate
  • The Minister or Celebrant’s fee for holding a service at the crematorium or graveside.

Our Pearl and Sapphire plans include £1200 towards these combined fees, and that amount grows annually in line with CPI. Our Ruby plan includes a guarantee to cover these costs. The national average is about £1000, If the allowance in the Pearl and Sapphire plans doesnt meet these costs, then there'll be a balance to pay.

What would happen if Safe Hands went out of business?

The trust is independent, so there’s nothing to worry about. In the highly unlikely event that something happened to our company, your money would still be safe and the trustees will ensure that your Funeral Plan is delivered.

If I move outside the UK, can my Safe Hands plan cover my funeral?

Many customers spend later life overseas. If your body is returned to the UK, then of course we’ll arrange for the funeral you’ve paid for – but our plans do not cover costs associated with repatriation. If your funeral is going to happen outside the UK, we can pay a sum equivalent to the amount we’d have paid to a funeral director in the UK to an overseas funeral director. However, we can't guarantee this will cover all of the overseas funeral director's fees.

What happens if I die a long way from home?

We’ll arrange for your body to be collected and taken to a chapel of rest that’s local to wherever the funeral is to take place. Transport costs over 25 miles are charged at the Funeral Director's standard rate at the time.

Who looks after the Safe Hands Plan Trust?

  • The Safe Hands Trust Plan was set up in conjunction with Wrigley's LLP.
  • The money in the Safe Hands Plan Trust is held by Sterling Trust Corporation Ltd – specialist and independent trustees. They work in partnership with independent investment managers to make sure your money is soundly invested and secure.
  • Zenith Actuaries are appointed as actuaries to the Trust Fund, who provide a report on an annual basis.
  • The Trust Fund is audited annually by JW Hinks and trust accounts prepared
Can I choose the Funeral Director I want?

None of us can predict the future. It’s technically impossible to guarantee that a Funeral Director trading today will be available perhaps many years in the future. However, we’ll do what we can.

With the exception of ones owned by Dignity Plc, we work with thousands of funeral directors nationally. With our Topaz, Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby Plans, upon receipt of the completed application, Safe Hands will nominate a local funeral director to the plan. In the case of the Direct Cremation option, the funeral director will be chosen at our sole discretion.

Quite sensibly, we want to be sure your family will get the support and services of a Funeral Director who meets our own high standards.

What happens if I die before I've paid all the instalments?

If you’ve chosen to pay monthly over 2 to 25 years, then you will be covered by the Safe Hands Guarantee. So, as long as your plan has been in place for 12 months and you’ve made all your payments, we will deliver all the services provided in your plan, with nothing more for your family to pay. * T&C's apply

Can I cancel my Safe Hands funeral plan?

Yes. Have a look through the details on our payments page. You’ll see there’s no fee for cancelling within 30 days of taking the plan out, but we do charge an administration fee after that time.

We don’t give refunds for plans that are cancelled after your death. All refunds are given at our sole discretion.

Can I transfer my Safe Hands plan to someone else?

Yes. If your plan has been paid for in full. Contact us, tell us who you would like to transfer the plan to, and we’ll take it from there.

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