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A Unique Cremation

A married couple who tragically died within two hours of each other, will be the first couple to be cremated together. This will be a very unique funeral celebrating both of their lives that they shared together. Kevin and Christine were a happily married couple for 40 years. Their families decided they will be internally together as they share a casket for cremation. Testimonials from their families have stated that the couple were inseparable and a joint cremation is something they would want. Before this tragic occurrence, Kevin and Christine were been planning to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. As a tribute, their families travelled to a beauty spot near their home and released 40 balloons in their memory. In the funeral business, it is vital that the wishes of the deceased and their families are implemented with the care and dignity that they deserve. As they are no legal objections to a joint cremation. The family's wishes will be fulfilled. A person can decide their dress code, music the type of service etc. Anything that will be a fitting tribute. We at Safehands, have arranged many unconventional funerals but that doesn't stop it being a wonderful dedication to the deceased. Many people are skewing away from the traditional, conservative funeral for something more personal. This joint cremation is an excellent example of this.