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Bad Bloggers Boast

The internet has taken over the funeral industry and, as we know only too well, has had a massively positive impact on business. What we have found however is that there are worrying trends of "price comparison" funeral sites popping up here there and everywhere offering cheap funerals - what's worse is that we are seeing a growing number of amateur bloggers promoting these sites as being "for the good of the consumer" - Most of these we've found are only local and "growing soon", hardly representative of the national consensus. As most of you know, SafeHands Funeral Plans work very closely with the National Federation of Funeral Directors who fully endorse our plans. Whilst we see terrific merit in saving the customer money (after all that's one of the reasons that SafeHands are the fastest growing pre-paid funeral plan company in the UK), we feel that quality and professional services have to remain at the forefront of any funeral directors motives for driving their business. Let's talk real for a minute - If people want to buy cheaper car insurance, they will utilise a price comparison site to find a cheaper price - More often than not, the quality, well established firms, tend to be found down the list as, and I am generalising, they offer a more professional package for their customers which carries a professional cost - The Funeral industry is no different; you wouldn't go for a meal based on price alone, so why would you look for someone to bury your loved one on the same basis? We advertise our plans on www.funeraldirectorsregister.com - the trip advisor of the funeral industry. Here you can see not just how much a director charges (if they wish to disclose that info) but also read reviews left by real customers offering personal insights into how their loved ones were treated when they passed away. With undoubted hecklers ready to pounce, let me conclude: SafeHands, The UK's most affordable funeral plan on today's market, FULLY supports a cheaper alternative PROVIDED that the funeral director offers the same quality services as described by their customers.