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Becoming a Funeral Director with Gone Too Soon

Times are changing and new opportunities are rising. Funeral directors have traditionally been born into a family business, chosen by the job rather than choosing to do it. As a consequence, the funeral industry has sometimes lacked energy and ambition, content to charge more year on year without offering a better and more efficient service to its customers.

This can’t and won’t continue. A revolution is under way in the funeral industry and GoneTooSoon.org, one of the world’s leading memorial websites, will be in the vanguard. Career flexibility is key to success in the modern labour market and becoming a funeral director isn’t the leap in the dark it might once have seemed. It’s a job that offers constant challenges and mental stimulation alongside the satisfaction of serving the community and helping people at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Switching careers can seem daunting, but with the help of GTS you’ll receive all the training and support you require when and where you require it. There are no rigid timetables or set formulas, and the package on offer isn’t a franchise. You won’t be tied down or have to worry about paying regular franchise fees. Instead, there are up-front, affordable and clearly itemized charges for giving you all the skills you need and helping you establish a full business. GTS will set you up with a bespoke website, mortuary equipment at cost price, priority listing on the Funeral Directors’ Register, and full membership of the National Federation of Funeral Directors, the UK’s fastest-growing trade association.

You’ll also have the chance to sell funeral plans from Safe Hands, the UK’s most innovative and affordable funeral-plan company. As the range of services offered by funeral directors grows, so do the chances for higher income and financial security. But being a funeral director isn’t for those who are interested in profit alone. Automation is transforming the labour market by the day, but some skills can’t be computerized and people will always want human contact when they lose a loved one. The funeral industry will value empathy and understanding more as time passes, not less, and the new challenges will suit a new breed of funeral director.

If you want to be one of them, Gone Too Soon are ready to provide you with all the new skills and knowledge you need. Once your business is set up, you can take full advantage of the GTS brand – or develop your own, just as you please. GTS want to offer the same flexibility and choice to you as you will want to offer your customers. But the power and name-recognition of the GTS brand will always be there when you need it, as will the support offered by the NFFD and its Official Ambassador, Dr Hilary Jones.

Gone Too Soon are offering new opportunities in an industry that’s changing fast. Funeral director isn’t a job that you have to be born into any more: it’s something that will attract professional people with ambition, empathy and a desire to see a solid return on their hard work.