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Beware of the FREE Will

Something we tried a while ago was to offer buyers of our funeral plans via our LIVE TV Shows a Free Will with every purchase. What we found is that a) customers were more than happy with our product alone and didn't need any "Sales Gimmicks", b) Our army of hard working Will Writers were less than pleased that we were potentially taking their business and c) as we are solely in the business of ensuring that our funeral plans are competitive and quality, we didn't want to muddy the waters with our own clients. Sometimes you learn the hard way but what this has enabled us to educate our customers into why, when buying a pre-paid funeral plan, they should do just that. Currently we have a network of 1000+ Professional Estate Planners who offer a full, INDEPENDENT service, who have no exclusivity agreements for extra services sold off the back of wills. We suggest that, if you are looking to do a Will, or indeed any estate planning service, you should approach a specialist firm and not a Funeral Planning firm who offer a Will as an "additional product" - We believe that you and your family deserve the best practice when dealing with your estate. Save money by going directly to a practitioner and ensure you get the quality of service you deserve. Keeping things Simple Since 2012!