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Burial or Cremation

With every funeral plan there are many decisions and choices to be made to get the funeral that you want. Choosing between burial or cremation can be a difficult decision without the right guidance and information. Some plan holders already have their own preference in place. Some believe that having their body burned via cremation is terrifying; others hold the opinion that being placed in the ground is an unpleasant thought. However, before any decision is made it is important to know both options in detail and how they differ in terms of price and procedure. This blog is to advise anyone who wishes to take out a funeral plan and is unsure on the best choice. Cremation Cremations have significantly gained in popularity over the last few decades from the average rate rising from 35% in 1960 to dominating 72% in 2008. Currently, 85% of funerals in the UK are cremations. Currently, much more popular choice in modern funerals. The sudden rise of cremations is mainly due the cost. Choosing a cremation is a lot cheaper than a burial, as a burial incurs many further, separate costs. With more people choosing a more non-religious funeral, a cremation is more often chosen for the price and the personalisation. Many people believe that it is more significant to scatter the ashes in a more meaningful place than placed in graveyard. Burial A burial is now chosen for the more religious and traditional funeral, mainly for clients who have strong beliefs on what should be done when a person dies. Many people also choose burial simply because they don't like the idea of a cremation and would like a grave and gravestone after they are gone. A burial is a more expensive option as further costs are required, mainly a burial plot and a gravestone. A burial plot is a designated area to be buried in; this burial plot needs to be purchased separately to any funeral plan taken out. This can be done by contacting bereavement services for the area you wish to be buried. A plot price has increased significantly in price over the last few decades. This is due to churches and cemeteries simply running out of space and are at the point of refusing new requests for burials. The cost of a gravestone needs to be considered with a burial. Depending on size, material and lettering a gravestone can range from as little at £400 to over £1000. As cremation is the most cost-effective and simpler process to implement, many of our plan holders choose cremation. However, for religious or personal reasons a burial can still be still facilitated in our plans. If you are still unsure on your preference, we recommended getting guidance from your family, friends or a funeral planning agent who can give helpful advice on these matters.