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Cemetery Shortage

A recent BBC survey suggested that almost HALF of church yards and cemeteries could run out of space in the next two decades. This is due to the constant rise in death rates with simply not enough space for cemeteries and churches to accommodate future burials. This issue will be even greatly affected as the "Baby Boom Generation" - those born between the years of 1946 - 1966, are predicted to increase the death rate exponentially in the next two decades. This will have dramatic repercussions on the funeral industry as a whole and reduce in space available for those who wish to be buried. The BBC covered this /critical situation' by looking at various cemeteries in the UK. Coverage of the story click following link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24283426 To look at the issue nationally, The BBC launched a survey to find out how serious the situation is, showing many cemeteries already full and many only having limited availability. Verdict being that there are simply won't be enough plots for everyone in the UK. Possible Solutions Many cemeteries are looking at expansions as an answer to handle future deaths. However, this can be a long and difficult process that requires more land, more money and permission from the local council. One controversial subject is the re-using of graves and burial plots. Even though this is a possibility, a lot of graves are owned by the family for many decades to come. Also, exhumation involves disturbing the current body that has been laid to rest, which can cause many issues with the bereaved. Securing your place now Similar to our funeral plans, many people are securing their grave by purchasing the deeds in advance, guaranteeing a place in their local church or cemetery. Here at Safehands, we offer free and helpful information to help you purchase your plot now, while space is available.