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Making The Right Choice

The details of a funeral are somewhat unfamiliar to most people. This is why we leave the funeral in the hands of a professional, a funeral director. Even though most people have their own trusted funeral director that they have used before, many still don't know what a funeral director is and how they can be of greatest help to you, especially at a difficult time. What is a funeral director? So much more than a driver and carrier, a funeral director is someone who arranges every aspect of the funeral. From taking care of the deceased, arranging the funeral and organising the burial or cremation. The good ones provide help and guidance to the loved ones of the deceased and help in any individual requests one might have for the funeral. They are essential to the funeral process and can assist you with anything you need. Don't fall into the trap of assuming the more you pay, the better they get. They can vary in price and service so it is important that you get a funeral director that you can trust and facilitate everything you need. This makes your choice of funeral director very important. Funeral director register The days of picking a funeral director by word of mouth have gone. These days, it's all done online. If you do not have a funeral direct and unsure on who to pick, we recommend going on the funeral directors register. This directory website has all the independent funeral directors in the UK, along with a description and reviews for each. You can search by location allowing you to view your most local independent funeral director. The funeral director register website can be found here. Choosing a funeral director in a plan With a SafeHands plan, you can put down any independent funeral director that you want for your funeral. This is done by recording your special requests during the processing stage of your plan. At the time of death SafeHands will contact your chosen independent funeral director and inquire to do your requested funeral with the funds you have put in your funeral plan. If you have not chosen a funeral director in your plan, we can assist. We will find a local independent funeral director on your behalf when the time comes.