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Diachronic change

The funeral industry, especially within our company and it's partners has been affected massively by technological changes. This has been covered by the BBC and ITprotal. An industry that has, on the face of it at least, stayed stationary over the last 200 years, has changed very dramatically in a short space of time. The use of search-engines, mobile phones and apps has transformed the funeral industry, and funeral directors simply must catch up. In the olden days, your local funeral director would, more often than not, get guaranteed business. Simply because there was no competition. "Their" customer could not compare prices or seek out competition. Now with the internet and search engines, location is no longer an issue. You, as a customer, can compare funeral prices at a few clicks of a mouse - getting the most affordable option in your local area. This is a scary change for "your local funeral director" as business is no longer certain. One of the major online changes to have hit the after-life planning industry has been the introduction of Video Wills and messages - this is often becoming part of the funeral service. With the use of modern technology, you can now speak you own personal wishes that can be placed on permanent record. SafeHands are always keen to look at technological advancements. With an update on our website on the way, and discussions regarding a SafeHands mobile application, we are at the forefront of the modern changes in the funeral industry. This coupled with our excellent online presence regular LIVE TV appearances and our close work with the National Federation of Funeral Directors; it's no wonder that SafeHands are the UK's fastest growing funeral plan company by a country mile.