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Elderly Care Advice

One of the most demographic changes in Britain and other rich nations is the growing number of elderly people. People are living longer, so more and more of us are passing milestones like our 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays. There are more centenarians alive now than ever before in history and even at that grand old age people expect to enjoy a healthy and active life that would once have been impossible.

This demographic revolution has taken place at the same time as the technological revolution of the internet. And so there are many sites offering information about the problems – and pleasures – of getting older. One of the best of these sites is Elderly Care Advice, and Safe Hands Funeral Plans are very pleased and proud to announce that we are teaming with E.C.A. to further expand and improve the service we offer to our clients and customers.

Elderly Care Advice has the endorsement of Martha Lane Fox, Joan Bakewell and Ann Widdecombe. It is dedicated to providing up-to-minute advice and news on any and every topic that can help sons and daughters to improve and enhance the lives of their parents. From healthy eating and home insulation to smoke alarms and mental health – if it’s relevant to the older generation, Elderly Care Advice offers full and friendly information in a way that easy to understand and use.

Old age doesn’t just present challenges: it can also provide opportunities to try new activities and explore new ways of living. Elderly Care Advice is there to help people manage the challenges of age and exploit the opportunities. It’s an excellent site and an excellent partner for Safe Hands Funeral Plans.