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Expansion and Recognition

The world of business is like the world of sport: all the big names were once unknown. When they were born, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi were important to their own families, but they had made no impression on the rest of the world. Why should they? They were only babies. Then they started to grow and learned to kick a football. Slowly their talent became apparent and their fame began to grow. Today, they're both world-famous, admired by millions of people and earning millions of pounds. They deserve their fame and their money, because there's no place to hide on a football field. They can't fake being good players and pretend to score goals. They have to perform to the highest possible standards - and they do. The same thing applies in business. If a company doesn't deliver what it promises, it won't attract customers and it won't achieve success. There's no place to hide, particularly in the internet age when customers can easily review a company's performance online and tell other people about their experiences. This means that recognition of a company's quality is essential to its expansion. Big business names like Apple and Nike were once the same as Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi: unknown to the wider world. They had excellent products to offer, but they had to win recognition before they could begin to expand. They succeeded spectacularly. Today they're both world-famous and their products are eagerly sought by millions of people. That's why big companies are so fiercely protective of their brand-names: they don't want their hard-earned reputations to be exploited and cheapened by smaller companies. All of these commercial rules apply just as much to the funeral business, but there are some extra complications. Personal contact is an essential part of planning for and conducting funerals. Customers will judge a company not just by its skill and professionalism, but also by the tact, sympathy and understanding it offers to them during one of the most difficult experiences in life: the loss of a loved one. These qualities can't be faked and if customers aren't treated as they should be, they won't return and they won't give a company good reviews. This makes the funeral business one of the most demanding and difficult areas of the commercial world. New companies will be put severely to the test and will have to work hard to win recognition. If they fail, there will be no place to hide. If they succeed, it will be equally obvious. A company that survives in a tough business must be doing things right. If it flourishes and expands, it must be doing things even better. Like so many other successful businesses, Safe Hands has had to earn its reputation the hard way: from scratch, as an unknown and unrecognized company. Its now a well-established and industry-leading pre-paid funeral plan provider. With its innovative and dynamic business model, Safe Hands is constantly searching for new ways to improve service to its customers, offering the best possible standards of service at the lowest possible prices. To expand, you have to win recognition; to win recognition, you have to treat customers right. Safe Hands has got every step right and is firmly on the upward path to greater and greater success.