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Funeral Music Choices

Here are at Safehands, we have arranged many funerals, each unique. One of the most personal aspects of a funeral is the choice of songs. Music is universal and vital to many of our clients. Out of all of the special requests, music is usually the portion each client wants to be perfect. Choosing appropriate song for a funeral can be quite challenging, finding something that represents them. Funeral music that is not too upbeat and cheerful but also not too depressing and sorrowful. A traditional funeral service contains three songs. An entrance song, a during and an exit song. In the past we received many hymns and classical pieces. However, in the modern era there has a lot more diversity in a client's wishes. We deal with a client's music choice on a daily basis. We receive a wonderful mix of requests from classical, pop, swing, jazz and rock. Some requests we see frequently over the years we have been in the industry. Some requests that can still surprise us despite our large background. We have put together a small list of funeral music requests that we have received in the past. Hoping that it gives you some perspective and helps with your choices when deciding a funeral plan. Songs we see commonly see in the funeral business. Thinks like: - Frank Sinatra: My Way - Bette Midler: Wind Beneath My Wings - Ave Maria: Schubert - Imagine: John Lennon These songs are commonly chosen because of their light melody and symbolic lyrics. 'My Way' is the most popular choice. The song tells a story of a grown man looking back on his life and reflecting the choices he has made. The expressive lyrics in this song make it a popular funeral music choice. There have been some unconventional choices in the past. These unique requests that have surprised us are things like: - Highway to hell: AC/DC - Bat out of hell: Meatloaf - Dancing queen: ABBA - Another One Bites The Dust: Queen This is done when the customer wants a bit of humour or light-heartedness at a funeral. In the modern era, many people shy away from the traditional and do something more personal. Having their life celebrated at the funeral rather than their death mourned.