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Funeral planning services we provide

Finding a funeral package specifically to suit you will always be a difficult task. Everyone is different and desires different things for their funeral. To help you make the right choice, we provide three separate funeral plans, each providing different options for your funeral. Every funeral plan includes the following features: - All 3rd party fees (doctors, minister and cremation) - Provision of services and arrangements - A veneered finished coffin - Transport, care and preparation of the deceased - Family support and assistance provided by the Funeral Director - Bereavement assistance via professional organisation - Visiting the Chapel of Rest if necessary. Pearl Plan This is our cheapest funeral plan. Priced at only £2945 it is the most affordable funeral plan that includes all 3rd party fees and funeral services. The pearl plan covers every aspect of the funeral. From transportation of the deceased, the care and preparation to the funeral service itself. For more information see our Pearl plan page and our prices and payment options. Sapphire plan This is our most popular prepaid funeral plan. Priced at £3195 the plan includes a large selection of additional features. We provide a following limousine with four bearers on hand for the funeral service. Many plan holders believe that this is the most suitable plan as it covers everything somebody could wish for at a reasonable price. For further information see our Sapphire plan page and our prices and payment options. Ruby plan This plan includes all of our services with many extra additional features and bonuses.Including a two following limousines and a floral coffin spray. Priced at £3595 it is still the most affordable option if you wish to have all the additional features. For further information see our Ruby plan page and our prices and payment options. We also have the ability to include any special requests you might wish at a funeral. Many are of no extra cost. Things like music, choice of dress code what happens to the ashes. All can be kept on record for when the time comes. Making sure that your wishes can be carried out for the funeral that you wanted.