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How does a funeral plan save you money?

Traditionally, the funeral industry has always had a steady rise in cost. Over the years, the costs have been rising in line with inflation. However, with the recent 'Cost of Dying' report from Sunlife, we have seen the average costs of funeral rise by over 8% year on year since 1997. What they show is that the average cost of a standard cremation last year was £3,600 which is likely to rise to nearly £6,000 by 2021. Pre-paid funeral plans have now become "the norm" in the UK with the BBC predicting that over 1 million plans will be sold in the next 3 years. Pre-paid funeral plans are designed to fix the cost of your funeral at today's prices but also to allow the purchaser to dictate the exact details of their funeral after their passing saving the next of kin the pain and stress of organising such an event. Always shop around Business today is relying more and more on the internet and the funeral industry is no different. Be careful though as paying the most, doesn't always guarantee the best possible service. Look at the Pre-paid plan and what it entails. Those that offer a choice of funeral directors not specifically registered to the plan provider itself is a great way to see that their plans are flexible. Also make sure that your plan provider offers an all-inclusive package (eg to include disbursements) as these are the costs that go up so rapidly over the years, SafeHands Plans offer these packages starting from £2945, a Saving of up to £600 on Funeral Directors prices TODAY!! Whole-of-life cover An alternative to a pre-paid funeral plan, some companies offer a 'whole of life' insurance policy. In some situations, these plans can work very well but worst case scenario can see the average client paying £22 per month for FORTY years (totalling £5,808) and receiving just over the total amount of their funeral, if at all. In addition, although the next of kin would have the funds available, they would still have the heartache of arranging the funeral. Our plans can be paid over a maximum of 10 years and start from just under £17 per month. Our most popular package runs at just over £34 per month. Home burial If you decide to take this option, you may wish to consider the potential loss of property value as the burial would have to be firstly authorised by the local council, but secondly declared on the property deeds. Should you wish to follow this route, then you will still be able to purchase a SafeHands Plan but the nominated funeral director would only be allowed to conduct the burial once the appropriate paperwork has been raised and additional charges and delays may be unavoidable.