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Strange & Interesting Funerals

In history there have been many different traditions and customs that dictate how a funeral "should" be. Due to religion, culture and custom there are set conventions of what is allowed when arranging a funeral and remains of the deceases. This blog is going to look at the unconventional and bizarre funerals that have taken place around the world. These funerals can be seen as a humble gesture for their loved ones. Others can be easily accused of being in very bad taste, but we will let you judge for yourselves: Man who wore a bright green dress to the funeral This wonderful story of two friends who made a pact, before one was set off into the war in Afghanistan. The pact was simple: if any of the pair died, their friend was obligated to wear a dress at the funeral.This bold pact was seen through during the funeral of Private Kevin Elliot. His best friend wore a bright green dress, pink leggings and black boots. We hope that the deceased's family and friends where made aware of this fact prior to the funeral. funeral friends pact Man who married His dead girlfriend in a funeral/wedding Ceremony This is one of the more bizarre arrangements we have come across. In Thailand, 2012, a joint wedding and funeral service occurred. The couple were together for 10 years and were planning to get married before she died in an unforeseen accident. This was a full wedding service with the deceased before she was buried. Christmas Themed Ceremony In Dallas Texas, a funeral home arranged a Christmas themed ceremony for a man who loved the holiday season. The funeral ceremony consisted of decorations, presents and a coffin on a sledge. Featuring dancers dressed as Elves and holiday music. christmas theme funeral Ashes sent up to space. James Doohan, popularly known as Star Trek's Scotty requested that his ashes were to be sent up to space. Even though this is such a bizarre request, it was still attempted. Unfortunately, despite the two attempts made, the ashes did not quite reach orbit and was sent back to earth. Organising their own Funeral Rehearsal A rather unique idea, a Chinese student arranged her own funeral to take place when she was still alive. She spent all of her savings on the ideal funeral with flowers, origami birds, photographers, mourners and a coffin. The not deceased in question laid in the coffin for around one hour so that friends and family could say their final goodbye. She ended the funeral by giving herself a eulogy. There are dozens for very strange events linking to funerals and planning ones death. These were handpicked as they show the extend of imagination and the extremes in the funeral industry. We at Safehands, cater to so many needs on a day to day basis but gladly nothing as quite as peculiar as these unusual funeral requests.