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Planning a funeral is never a pleasurable thing to do. Yet many clients take an interest in the personalisation of the funeral. We can cater to any individual needs one might want for their funeral, so you can have exactly what you want for your funeral. In each of our plans, we give you the opportunity for your specific wishes. All are recorded with your funeral plan and instigated when the time comes. Larger requests that would require additional items and purchases will incur additional costs separate to your funeral plan. For any confirmation on what is and isn't included in a pre-paid funeral plan, feel free to contact us . Music This is the part of the funeral every plan holder wants to get right. Finding songs that truly represent them. Music can range from traditional hymns and classic pieces to more modern and upbeat songs. We confirm every song choice to guarantee that you will get the right music playing at your funeral. Coffin type There are many coffin types that are available depending on your needs and wishes. As a minimum for our plan holders, we provide a veneered, light oak and specially fitted coffin. With upgrades depending on the plan your choose. We also offer a cardboard coffin and a wicker coffin, the greener alternatives. We provide the possibility of coffin colours, giving you the choice to have a bright bold colour. Many coffins that skew away from the traditional would require additional costs that are separate to the funeral plan. Dress code This is a favourite to a lot of our plan holders. Giving them the opportunity to decide what your loved ones wear at your funeral. This produces a selection of imaginative choices and dress codes. Ranging from traditional dark formalwear to bright Hawaiian shirts. Invitations This is your funeral and you should be in charge of who attends. If there is anyone you specially want us to get in contact with (long distant family member or friend) we can put it on record and arrange it for when the time comes. Alternatively, if there is anyone you do not want to attend we can also make sure that your wishes are put in place and they will be informed of your requests.