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Personalised Coffins

A personalised coffin is increasing in popularity the last few years, especially with humanist funerals. A personal coffin is simply a coffin that has been decorated specifically for you. This can range from an obscure coffin colour to an elaborate and bold design (See examples below). snooker coffin Having your favourite colour for your coffin gives a touch of intimacy at a funeral. A purple, red or multi-coloured coffin may seem untraditional yet it is an aspect that truly represents them. Many people want something colourful because they don't want a morbid funeral, instead something more celebrative. england coffinPersonalisation can include specific images or designs. We frequently see a more joyful ceremony to dedicate their deceased, with a coffin that truly characterises them. Many companies offer a collage of photos of the deceased, an great way to be personal. For a unique coffin, many choose something that was a big part of the deceased's left. Their favourite sport, their job, their hobby etc. All can be immortalised onto a coffin for their final journey. With a burial many coffins have some form of personal items like flowers, pictures or their belongings. A custom coffin can have a greater effect: Many companies offer limitless ideas and designs you might want on a coffin. Many people are going down this path to do something more fun and enjoyable for a funeral service. phone coffinTaking it a step further it is customary in Ghana for personalisation of the shape and size of the coffin. This was usually in the design of something they loved. This is common place in many areas in Africa - very different to the funeral practices we have in the UK. shoe coffin We believe that one of the most important features of any funeral is that it would be something the deceased would want something specific to them. This is one of the major benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan. You can put on record specially what your funeral to be like. The theme and style of your funeral - traditional or something more distinctive.