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Reduction In Burials

These days, most of us know that more people are choosing to be cremated as well as the more traditional burials. Surprisingly, cremations are the preferred choice in the UK by a large margin. A staggering 85% of UK funerals are cremations, leaving only a fraction of the population who wish to be buried. With such a large majority choosing to be cremated, we ask the question: why are burials now so uncommon? The main reason is cost. The price of a burial plot (which is needed for all burials) is increasing year by year. The space available for burial plots is decreasing fast. Churches and cemeteries cannot find the space to facilitate all of the people that wish to be buried - so due to supply and demand the price goes up. Today the cost of a burial plot will range from £400 - £10,000 (Yes Ten THOUSAND) depending on location and demand. On average a burial with incur a further charge of £1000, this is just for the burial plot alone. Many of those who choose to be cremated are also thinking about either purchasing a plot to bury their ashes in or have them scattered at a once favoured location, be it a house, holiday destination, near to a favourite sports team stadium. In theory, ashes can, and usually are scattered anywhere. This is a much more cost effective option than a burial plot. Purchasing in advance Many of our plan holders are purchasing plots in advance, simply to beat the rising costs. Paying in advance (like our funeral plans) saves you significant money in the long term. Yet many smaller parishes are now stopping people pre-purchasing their plots, as it is becoming less fair on locals who can't afford their own plot in advance but still wish to be buried near to home. Other Alternatives There are also more imaginative ways to honour a loved one's memory. As technology moves on, many memorial companies sell tree seeds which are planted with the ashes and grow as remembrance. Never to miss a trick, you can also pay hefty sums for "turning your loved ones ashes into diamonds" - now, we know that these are not real diamonds yet many unscrupulous firms will charge near diamond-esque prices. Visit our friends at Interest Free Memorials for a comprehensive and fairly priced memorial collection.