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The Man with the Golden Hands

Football is the most popular sport on earth. It’s played by millions and watched by billions. The World Cup truly is a competition for the entire world. In 1966 England were on top of that world. They won a thrilling World Cup final 4-2 against West Germany. Their team was full of stars like Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore, but perhaps the greatest player of all was in goal: Gordon Banks. As a teenager he had lifted hods on a building site; now he was lifting the golden World Cup trophy. Goalkeeping is the loneliest and most difficult job on the pitch. The most important quality you need is simple: reliability. You have to be cool under pressure, trustworthy when it counts. There is no higher praise for a goalkeeper than to say he has “safe hands”. Gordon Banks’ hands were so safe that they became golden. He joined the elite by winning the World Cup, cementing his reputation as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. England will soon celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of that victory. This is why we are delighted that Gordon Banks will be endorsing Safe Hands Funeral Plans in advertisements aimed at those who watched him lift the World Cup trophy in the summer of 1966. Millions of people trusted in Gordon’s safe hands then. Now it’s time to trust in Safe Hands by taking out a funeral plan at today’s prices. The same quality that makes a great goalkeeper – reliability – is also essential in a funeral plan provider. England could rely on Gordon Banks in the twentieth century and you can rely on Safe Hands in the twenty-first.