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What's in a plan?

Ok, so I have recently been discussing the merits of a "good" funeral plan on social media and I was asked to explain what I would look for when recommending a funeral plan to a client. So, if I was recommending a funeral plan, I would want to see that all of the basic elements are included such as funeral director's fees, disbursements, coffin, arrangement etc. - but also that the provider can remain flexible to my client's needs and offer specific things that are not included in their "standard" plans and that ALL administrative changes are completed free of charge. I want my customer to have the option to change their preferences, funeral director of choice and personal details FREE OF CHARGE and be safe in the knowledge that their details will be kept safe and secure and the plan provider will never approach my clients to upsell other services such as will writing or estate planning etc....I would also want that funeral plan to have the ability to be allocated to ANY independent funeral director who wants to conduct my client's funeral but also have the option of having their funeral allocated to a major corporate firm at no extra cost. But I'm sure a provider like this doesn't exist.......... oh wait! Here at SafeHands plans, we NEVER ask any of our 500 plus Will Writers, IFA's, Accountants, Solicitors, Celebrants etc to exclusively offer our plans. We would much rather our customers have the opportunity to see all of the plans on the market as we all pretty much offer the same thing except SafeHands do it miles cheaper!