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Why choose a funeral plan?

For those who consider the future, the decision to invest in a funeral plan is a financial choice that ensures piece of mind for you and your family. With SafeHands, we provide the opportunity to plan your funeral in advance, giving the reassurance that when the time comes, all the arrangements and your wishes will be fulfilled. A financial decision to help you and your loved ones. The final cost of a funeral today is increasing well beyond the rate of interest and inflation. From 2007 to 2012, the average price increased from £2,225 to £3,516. If this continues to increase at the same level, we can expect the average final cost to be in the region of £5,000 by 2018. SafeHands offers a guaranteed package that will be frozen at today's prices. You and your family will incur no extra costs. Reassurance for you and your family SafeHands provides a prepaid plan, giving you the option to pay for your funeral in advance. This gives you the comfort knowing that your family are free from additional stress and hardship as all funeral costs and arrangements will already be settled. Security in your funeral plan SafeHands Funeral Plans is one of the UK's leading provider. In our last survey more than 99% of our customers stated that we met or exceeded expectations. A further 98% said that they would recommend a SafeHands Funeral Plan to friends and family. We have excellent customer satisfaction. Convenience and easy process Arranging one of our funeral plans is a straight forward process. We provide a simple application form, which can be completed within your own home. We offer flexible payment options for all budgets and needs. Our funeral plans price gives you the flexibility to spread the costs over 12-120 months installments. Your family should be informed to contact SafeHands after your death. Everything will be arranged with a trusted funeral director in your area, who will be paid from your plan. A funeral plan from Safehands gives you financial ease while taking away the hardship of arranging a funeral from your family at a dire time. Overall, a Safehands plan is the best possible option for taking care of your funeral costs.