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Yorkshire Day

This Yorkshire base company believed it's important to be proud of its roots. We thought it was an excellent opportunity to get patriotic with a blog dedicated to all that's Yorkshire. Hoping that you don't picture us Yorkshire folk with flat caps and farm attire. In the modern era the idea of the "grim north" has gone. With many prosperous new cities, a more diverse culture, improved transport and a more flourishing Yorkshire. Yorkshire has a wonderful contrast of beautiful countryside with modern cities. With so much to offer for anyone who likes the finer things in life. We're looking at the best of Yorkshire the accent, the food, the history and the view. The accent is strangely uncommon to many around the world. There have been many cases when our international partners simply don't understand what our accent is. Relating English to the standard southern speech and ask us what part of the world we are from. Our food and drink is not limited to Yorkshire puddings, there is a lot more to offer. There is a whole cuisine originated in Yorkshire with rich spices and herbs and original ingredients. Famously, we have Yorkshire has a deep history which can be seen in landmarks around the county. York itself has a deep background going back to the roman times. Yorkshire has historical landmarks scattered around the county, such Viking castles, Roman aqueducts and industrial mills. With most of Yorkshire still scenic countryside there are many places that produce the most outstanding views. The Yorkshire Dales, The Cow & Calf land mark, The Bolton Abbey and more. All excellent places to visit that look simply stunning. We believe that Yorkshire is an excellent place to have things related to the funeral. With scenic places away from the noisy, busy cities. With historic churches and cemeteries for a traditional and respectful funeral.