Our Funeral Plans

A financial helping hand

Making plans for your own funeral may feel strange. But it's one of the most helpful things you can ever do for your family.

  • It's all part of life - making financial plans for the future.
  • Your family can relax, knowing basic funeral costs are paid.
  • And a pre-paid funeral plan gives you peace of mind.
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What do Safe Hands funeral plans pay for?

Every Safe Hands plan covers the costs of a Funeral Director's fees and services. We use an independent trust to guarantee this money will be there for your family when they need it.

Most of our plans also provide money to help pay for third party costs, which you might see referred to as disbursements sometimes.

We explain these costs carefully in the full details of each plan.

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What will my family have to pay for?

The event marking the end of your life is unique.

Your family will still need to pay for personal touches. Things like flowers, for example, or a special place to meet after the event.

We can pass personal requests on to the appointed Funeral Director, but we can’t guarantee them – your family will need to look at these choices themselves, and make a final decision, when the time comes.

Do talk to your family if you have special wishes.

They can always be included in your Will.


Our funeral plans

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Topaz Plan

£2,390 / £24.97 pcm

  • Funeral Director's fees
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Pearl Plan

£3,495 / £37.86 pcm

  • Funeral Director’s fees
  • Help to pay third party costs
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Sapphire Plan

£3,795 / £41.36 pcm

  • Funeral Director's fees
  • Help to pay third party costs
  • One limousine
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Ruby Plan

£4,095 / £44.86 pcm

  • Funeral Director's fees
  • Help to pay third party costs
  • Two limousines
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Direct Cremation Plan

£1,895 / £19.19 pcm

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Good to know

We take our responsibilities seriously.

Our team has to get confirmation that customers are responsible for their own financial affairs, and to be sure each sale meets our values.

Plus, we work with experts. We have a Bereavement Support Team that's on hand, 24-hours a day - helping us to help your family directly.

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Being clear about the costs

We want you to have confidence in your funeral plan.

There are some fees that the Funeral Director can’t predict – they’re known as disbursements or third-party costs. They include:

Icon Minister's / Celebrant's fees
Icon Doctor's fees
Icon Crematorium fees

However, most Safe Hands plan provide an allowance up to £1,200** that goes towards covering those costs, directly.

It's also useful to note that if a journey to or from the funeral home is more than 25 miles, then the Funeral Director may make an extra charge, which your family will need to pay.

The Doctor's fees don't apply in Scotland.

The disbursements allowance increases in line with CPI.