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Safe Hands Launches Major Marketing Campaign

Agents selling Safe Hands funeral plans are set to benefit from a £1 million marketing campaign designed to encourage more people to take out a funeral plan.

The firm, which was recently acquired by a private investment company, is taking ads in national press, radio and TV as well as conducting a full scale online and email campaign.

It is the first time Safe Hands has advertised on this scale. This is part of a broader growth strategy that includes the recruitment of additional agents and more staff.

The sales drive follows a surge in enquiries as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. This has already taken more than 32,000 lives in the UK. Google searches for the word “funeral” spiked in April, showing 74,000 searches compared with 22,000 a year ago.

Talking about death has always been a taboo subject. Research by Safe Hands shows that more people than ever are keen on discussing their end of life arrangements, with around 80% saying they would welcome a more open discussion on the subject.

Buying a pre-paid funeral plan allows people to fix the costs involved in key aspects of their funeral, at today’s prices. This mitigates the rising costs of funerals that have gone up by 62% in the last decade.[i]

As well as benefitting from the marketing, agents are being given training on how to sell funeral plans and will have access to a sales portal that  provides sales presenters, brochures and application forms.

As a result of the current social distancing measures, direct sales will be handled by Safe Hands’ new call centre, which will provide online consultations.

Safe Hands CEO Tom Gormanly said: “This is a golden opportunity for our agents to benefit from increased awareness of the brand and to develop their own remote selling strategies.”

The UK funerals market is worth an estimated £2 billion a year and has grown by an annual rate of 4.5% over the past five years, according to the Competitions and Markets Authority. However, only around 6% of UK adults have a pre-paid funeral plan.