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The World’s First Motorcycle Hearse

In 2001 motorcycling vicar The Rev Paul Sinclair had a dream. He would bring together the two great passions in his life to create the UK’s first motorcycle hearse service to give fellow bikers the send-off they deserved.

Rev Sinclair, who sadly passed away in 2019, started Motorcycle Funerals from his home in Leicestershire and grew the service into a successful business catering for biker funerals all over the country.

World speed record

The business now runs a fleet of 13 motorcycle hearses using specially built sidecars to carry the coffins. Pride of place in the fleet is the Suzuki Hyabusa which Rev Sinclair rode to a world speed record at  Elvington Airfield, York, on 19 May 2013 when he reached a speed of 126 mph to become the fastest rider of a motorcycle hearse.

Known affectionately as the Faster Pastor or the Quicker Vicar, The Rev Sinclair obviously chose a motorcycle themed funeral for himself. Hundreds of bikers turned up for the procession which saw the legend carried away in a Triumph motorcycle hearse.

The Motorcycle Funerals website is full of testimonials from bereaved families expressing their thanks for a very special send off.

This quote sums it all up:

“Four years ago, my brother sadly passed away. We asked Paul to not only supply his sidecar hearse but to also carry out the service at the church. Although my brother had his own ideas about religion, I’m sure he would have appreciated the kind words that were said and the way in which Paul carried out the service. Even though it was a very sad day Paul brought back many happy memories to put smiles on the mourners faces. Not sure if Ozzy Osbourne gets played much in churches but it was that day! It was an honour to ride pillion behind Paul and beside my brother on his final ride…….and I must say……I enjoyed the “few last blasts” along the way. I know my brother would have loved, not only that, but he would have found the closing of the local town due to lots of motorcyclists being there and us ending up with an unexpected police escort hilarious! Thanks Paul.”

To find out more about this amazing service visit the website

Land Rovers and campervans

Of course, bikers are not the only people with a passion for vehicles. Land Rover owners are a committed bunch of enthusiasts who share a love for this legendary 4×4. A company has been set up to provide Land Rover hearses for a very special final journey.

And if VW campervans are your thing, then Volkswagen Funerals have a range of classic campervan hearses available